FG vows to increase supply of electricity

Bisola David
Bisola David
FG vows to increase supply of electricity

Nigerians have been reassured by Minister of Power, Bayi Adelabu, that power would be supplied incrementally.

According to The PUNCH on Wednesday, Adelabu, through his media assistant Bolaji Tunji, urged composure and stated that the electricity industry would soon see growth.

The nationwide grid meltdown on Sunday and persistently low power supplies preceded the minister’s pledge.

The country’s electrical supply has gotten worse over the past month. I ndustry participants attributed the recent disruption to the limited gas supply.

He pointed out, “He is not promising a miracle, but he is saying that people would notice an improvement if there was an incremental supply of electricity.” This issue did not appear out of nowhere. It has remained constant over time.

However, he wants to have an influence and alter the narratives. He wants to make sure that we have a steady supply of energy in all of Nigeria’s nooks and crannies—not that he wants to work a miracle.

The media assistant said, “I won’t be able to commit to any particular time because this is not like a road construction,” in response to a question about when the situation might change. It requires a great deal of work and planning.

It’s something that needs to be prepared for. Furthermore, the minister has often stated that Nigerians require improvements in the country’s electricity supply, and he is providing this promise. Undoubtedly, we hope for better.

He revealed that a committee will be established to solve the issue and continued by saying that the scarcity of gas supply had a detrimental effect on electricity generation.

If the DisCos aren’t producing enough electricity, it’s because they aren’t receiving enough from the GenCos, the GenCos can’t provide enough because their output has been cut due to their restricted gas supply.

Tunji said, “The minister is forming a committee comprising all relevant parties to examine how to address this issue and make sure we don’t have this kind of situation again.”Our current blackout is a result of the GenCos’ decreased gas supply, which was brought on by debt; the minister is currently investigating this.

His goal is to make sure that the country as a whole has an increasingly consistent supply of electricity, he said.

Tunji claimed that while the administration is prepared to alter the narratives, the minister is not promised a miracle because the issues have been for a long time.

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