Farmers to increase revenue using agro-commodity trading app

Bisola David
Bisola David
Farmers to increase revenue using agro-commodity trading app

An application for trading agricultural commodities has been developed to provide farmers with market access and to improve the supply of raw resources to industries.

The PUNCH reported that designers of the Straddle app noted that farmers were unable to obtain vital information regarding fair pricing and market trends because there was not the technology available to fill this gap.

“We want to change how both foreigners and Nigerians view the agriculture value chain.

The founder of Straddle, Omitaomu Basit, said in a statement in Abuja on Friday, “Our goal is to reduce the risk associated with agro-trading by giving farmers access to markets and industries with access to raw materials at the right time and the right price.”

He said that Nigerian farmers had many difficulties prior to the introduction of Straddle. Farmers were further disadvantaged by this information vacuum, which made it more difficult for them to maximize the profits from their farming endeavours.

“Straddle is here to offer solutions that will revolutionize agricultural procurement and information exchange in response to the ongoing problems with raw material pricing, sourcing, and real-time information access within the agriculture industry.

“Straddle, created by four University of Lagos graduates, aims to address these important issues faced by farmers, traders, agricultural merchants, exporters, and the manufacturing industries overall,” according to Basit.

According to him, one critical but frequently unmet demand is having access to up-to-date knowledge regarding agriculture.

“It is difficult for farmers and other industry participants to stay current on news, trends, and advancements in the agricultural sector, which makes it more difficult for them to make wise decisions.”

According to Basit, Straddle serves as an information hub, giving users quick access to the most recent agricultural news and information and empowering them with insightful knowledge about market trends and developments.

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