Ex-Eko DisCo CEO Tinuade Sanda dismissed from West Power & Gas

Onwubuke Melvin
Onwubuke Melvin

Alex Omenye

Dr. Tinuade Sanda, recently removed as MD/CEO of Eko Electricity Distribution Company, has now been terminated from her position at the holding company, West Power & Gas.

This development concludes a series of significant leadership changes within the organization, driven by directives from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Nairametrics reported.

Dr. Sanda’s removal from Eko Disco followed a NERC directive aimed at improving governance and operational efficiencies in the distribution sector.

Despite being transferred to WPG, she has now been completely let go by the holding company.

Following her departure from Eko Disco, Rekhiat Momoh has been appointed as the acting CEO, part of Eko Disco’s strategic response to regulatory challenges and their commitment to meeting NERC’s guidelines for enhanced service quality.

The specific reasons for Dr. Sanda’s dismissal from WPG have not been fully disclosed, but they are in line with broader regulatory and governance reforms affecting Nigeria’s electricity distribution sector.

Dr. Sanda’s tenure at Eko Disco was notable as she was the first woman to hold the MD/CEO position since her appointment in 2022.

Throughout her tenure, she implemented various initiatives aimed at improving service delivery and operational compliance within NERC’s regulatory frameworks.

Dr. Sanda joined WPG in 2013 and played a pivotal role in the acquisition of Eko Disco in November of the same year. She held several positions within WPG and Eko Disco before being appointed Deputy Managing Director, eventually assuming the role of Managing Director in 2022.

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