Eight AI-powered features of new Google Pixel smartphone

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe



Google has unveiled its latest smartphone, the “Google Pixel,” featuring powerful AI capabilities that are designed to enhance our daily lives.

Here are eight amazing AI-driven features you should know:

1. AI Call Assistant – Call Screen

The phone can silently answer calls from unknown numbers using a more natural-sounding voice.

It intelligently distinguishes between wanted and unwanted calls.

2. Unblur Photos

Google’s AI, called Photo Unblur, can fix blurry photos, regardless of their age, lighting conditions, or the device used to capture them.

3. Best Take for Group Photos

Automatically creates the perfect group photo, even if not everyone is looking at the camera.

Ensures everyone is included in the shot, even if some blink or make funny faces.

4. Magic Editor

Magic Editor simplifies complex photo edits using AI.

Easily resize or reposition subjects, adjust lighting and backgrounds, and remove unwanted objects.

5. Audio Magic Eraser

Removes distracting background noise from videos.

Ideal for reducing unwanted sounds like people talking in the background, music, or wind.

6. Summarize Web Pages

Pixel can generate summaries of webpages, helping users quickly grasp the main points.

Summarization options include key points, main arguments, or overall tone.

7. Zoom Enhance

Zoom Enhance utilizes generative AI to fill gaps between pixels and predict fine details.

Offers more flexibility in framing and focusing on the essential parts of a photo.

8. Gboard Upgrade

Google’s keyboard, Gboard, is now AI-powered.

It can suggest different sentence phrasings to achieve the desired tone, particularly helpful for writing emails and social media posts.

These remarkable AI features make the Google Pixel a standout smartphone for those seeking innovative and convenient technology solutions.
































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