Customers metres to be repaired in two days – NERC

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

The Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission has stated that customers who have malfunctioning electricity metres are entitled to a repair within two business days.

Dr. Abdulkadir Shettima, NERC General Manager, Finance and Management Services, stated as much during a recent NERC Workshop for Civil Society Organisations and Consumer Advocacy Groups in Kano state. He was speaking on metering issues.

“The customer has the right to repair or replace faulty meters within two working days upon complaint unless the fault is from him in which case, he will be required to make an upfront payment. The customer also has the right to whatever credit that is on the old meter to be transferred to the new meter.” he said while addressing metering issues.

The client is also responsible for ensuring the metre is secure and preventing unauthorised access to it.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s Deputy General Manager for Consumer Affairs, Dr Shittu Shaibu, provided information on how each DisCo bills and disconnects energy users.

The CPR of 2023 was published by NERC in May 2023 as a reference for electricity consumers and DisCos. The CPR’s guidelines, which cover everything from electrical supply connections to metre readings in circumstances of relocation and customer disconnections, are designed to protect both parties.

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