Coca-Cola changes bottles to combat plastic waste pollution 

Bisola David
Bisola David
Coca-Cola changes bottles to combat plastic waste pollution 

The Coca-Cola System in Nigeria has declared that it will modify the bottles of its products in an effort to reduce the negative environmental effects of plastic bottle waste pollution.

According to a statement from the company, the Director of Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability at Coca-Cola Nigeria, Nwamaka Onyemelukwe, revealed this during the Annual System Beach Cleanup activity held in Lagos.

She said that the change to the product’s packaging was made in response to the environmental threat that plastic bottles pose when improperly disposed of for recycling.

Onyemelukwe declared, “We took action because the Coca-Cola bottle container was so thick that people utilized it for all kinds of things.

“We have now decided to use lightweight plastic.

“We simply wanted to utilize lightweight plastic so that you could effortlessly shrink it with your hands after use. While taking up less room, you consent to recycle.”

She claimed that Coca-Cola Nigeria wants to make sure that none of its packaging materials pollute the environment or cause any other problems.

“People frequently claim that Coca-Cola is the biggest polluter because they choose to drink our products,” she pointed out.

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