Climate crisis: African firms back green energy investment

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe


Ahead of the Climate Change Conference 2022, a new campaign has been initiated to intensify African efforts to obtain global funding for accessible green energy, necessary for climate catastrophe adaptation.

Several African firms backing the Power Up Campaign include Zonke Energy, Kakuma Ventures, Ignite Power and Smiling Through Light.

The campaign demands that wealthier nations significantly increase their financing for climate adaptation and make sure that a sizable portion of this money goes toward providing vulnerable populations with access to cheap, green energy.

According to one of the facilitators, Dr Sheila Oparaocha, who is also the Director of the ENERGIA Network, the Power Up Campaign is initiated to unite and amplify African voices in pursuit of climate justice, including organizations that empower communities most impacted by energy poverty.

“At COP27, taking place in Africa, world leaders can deliver climate justice and change the course of history with action to invest in affordable, sustainable energy that leaves no one behind.”

“More finance must flow from nations responsible for the climate crisis to those in the greatest danger – and money already promised must be delivered. Crucially, using adaptation funding to widen access to sustainable and affordable energy will ensure African communities are better prepared for the challenges ahead.”

The Campaign is also working to elicit more ambitious pledges from wealthy countries, beginning with action at the COP27 summit in November and continuing through the UNFCCC process that governs global climate action. Members of Power Up invite NGOs, businesses, civil society organizations, faith groups, and other organizations from all walks of life to join and support the campaign.

It was also gathered that the campaign will initially focus on five African countries with the potential to be trailblazers in growing energy access – Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Tanzania.

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