Chipmaker Intel to launch AI-processor in December

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Intel announced on Tuesday that a new processor arriving in December will be able to run a generative artificial intelligence chatbot on a laptop.

The functionality might allow companies and users to test ChatGPT-style technologies without transmitting sensitive data away from their own computers.
Intel was slated to demonstrate it during a software developer conference held in Silicon Valley.

It is made feasible by new AI data-crunching capabilities included in Intel’s next “Meteor Lake” laptop processor and by new software tools that the company is providing.

Executives at Intel also anticipate announcing that the company is on schedule to produce the “Arrow Lake” successor chip in 2019 and that, as promised, Intel’s production capabilities would be on par with Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing Co.

Formerly the best chip maker, Intel fell behind but now claims it is on course to catch up. In the market for the potent chips needed in data centres to “train” AI systems like ChatGPT, Intel has struggled to overtake Nvidia.

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