China gifts Zimbabwe $160m parliament building

Sam Adeniyi
Sam Adeniyi

China is strengthening its influence in African countries with its economic input in helping black nations develop and grow their economies.

China recently completed a new parliament building in Zimbabwe to replace the old structure erected during the colonial era.

The $160m structure which sits on 33,000 square metres and comprises a six-storey office complex and a four-storey building housing the National Assembly and Senate was given by Beijing to Zimbabwe as a gift.

State-owned Chinese construction company began repairing runways at the Entebbe airport in 2016 and the work is expected to be completed this year. The contract reportedly has a clause that gives China a right to take over the airport should the Ugandan authority fail to meet up with the terms.

In the same vein, Nigerian President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari’s (retd.)’s regime project scoreboard is been marred by the Chinese Government’s appetite for costly public works abroad, Bloomberg reports.

China has made more than $25 billion worth of projects that are supposed to be completed before the end of Buhari’s regime either far behind schedule or have not yet kicked off.

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