Bolt hits 250m ride after seven years in Nigeria

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah
Bolt hits 250m ride after seven years in Nigeria

In an impressive stride, leading ride-hailing and gig work company Bolt has notched over 250 million rides in Nigeria since its 2016 debut, covering a staggering 3 billion kilometers, according to a statement from the company provided to Technext.

Bolt Nigeria reported a remarkable seven-fold growth from its commencement in 2016, as it commemorates a decade of operations across global markets.

Bolt Nigeria’s Country Manager, Yahaya Mohammed, praised the company’s commitment to top-tier service despite challenges in the dynamic macroeconomic landscape.

Mohammed expressed their dedication to fostering collaboration with drivers, regulatory bodies, and industry stakeholders, all geared toward nurturing Nigeria’s ride-hailing sector.

He reiterated Bolt’s dedication to delivering secure, affordable, and dependable rides.

The company’s achievements extend beyond growth metrics. Notably, the Women at the Wheel initiative addresses the underrepresentation of women in ride-hailing.

The program empowers women with opportunities akin to those enjoyed by Bolt drivers, aided by a €2.5 billion investment.

Bolt’s achievement of nearly 300 million rides is attributed to its reliable mobility solutions.

The introduction of the audio trip recording feature underscores Bolt’s safety-conscious approach, allowing both riders and drivers to record trips using the mobile app, enhancing comfort during rides.

Continually enhancing user experience, Bolt frequently updates its app and services.

Scheduled Rides, a recent addition, permits riders to pre-book trips up to 72 hours in advance, prioritizing convenience at a slightly higher cost.

While celebrating these milestones, Bolt Nigeria has confronted obstacles, including driver unionization demands and commission reduction appeals.

As petrol prices surge, Bolt drivers grapple with increased operational costs.

However, prioritizing driver welfare could yield lasting benefits for the company’s prosperity.

In the face of challenges, Bolt’s journey continues, marked by achievements and a drive to bolster Nigeria’s ride-hailing landscape.

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