Bill for tax crimes commission passes second reading

Bisola David
Bisola David
Bill for tax crimes commission passes second reading

National Tax Crimes and Oversight Commission bill was successfully passed by the House of Representatives on its second reading on Wednesday.

Following a plenary session in which the chief sponsor of the measure, Rep. Benjamin Kalu, stated its key goals, the bill was passed by the house according to The Times.

Kalu promoted the initiative with the support of eight other legislators, emphasizing the goal of strengthening national tax authorities’ monitoring.

Another bill co-sponsor, Rep. Nweke Uche (PDP-Rivers), underlined that the proposed commission’s creation will address irregularities in tax assessment, reporting, and payments.

According to him, “The main objectives were to prevent tax-related offences and close any loopholes in the country’s tax administration system.”

The legislator stated that “The panel will be essential in defending the rights of taxpayers nationwide.”

Hon. Uche further stated that “The creation of this commission is anticipated to increase income by creating a more extensive nationwide network for tax collection.”

The measure was also referred to the House Committee on Finance by Plenary Session Speaker Hon. Benjamin Kalu in order to pursue more legislative action.

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