Aviation strike cost Nigeria billions of naira – Air Peace

Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, said that Nigeria lost several billions of naira within those two days of industrial action by aviation union workers.

He revealed this information during his appearance on Arise Television on Monday.

This publication recalls that the aviation workers embarked on a warning strike last Monday and Tuesday following the refusal of the Federal Government to meet some of their demands.

The CEO however, urged airline workers to seek other means of resolution and to ensure that industrial action is their last resort in their agitations.

Onyema said strikes in the aviation industry have a negative impact, stating that airlines and passengers are the most affected parties.

He said, “Whenever these strikes occur in the aviation sector, it is the airlines and the flying public who bear the brunt.”


In his words, “Let strike be the last resort. As a non-violence practitioner, and as long as the other party is open to discussion, you must continue to avail yourself of that opportunity to continue discussing.

“It is only employed in a non-violence parlance when the other party refuses to discuss. But as long as your party is ready to discuss, there shouldn’t be direct action. However, complaints should be looked into.

“The loss of revenue and the cost associated with the strikes are enormous. Airline operators in Nigeria lost several billions of naira within those two days of disruptive activities and no one is going to give that back to us.

“The insurance on our planes is static. Whether you fly, or we don’t fly, those aeroplanes have been insured. Salaries are to be paid and monies owed to fuel vendors, they must be paid.

“So, each time you call for a strike in the aviation sector, it is very disruptive and the consequences are very, very high.

“I have to say this, the aviation sector is tied to the security of the country, and anything to do with national security is taken very seriously.”

He implored the government to give importance to the requests made by the union and suggested that strikes should not be an option if all parties are willing to engage in discussions.

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