Association seeks govt support to regulate table water industry

Agency Report
Agency Report
Table water factory

The Association of Table Water Producers has asked the federal, state, and local governments to come up with a legal framework to help fight charlatans in the industry.

The group said this would enable the industry to carry out its roles as contained in the laws guiding the activities of its operators.

In a statement, the ATWAP President, Mrs. Clementina Ativie, explained that no government agency could successfully wage war against fake water producers in the industry except the association.

According to her, members of the association are duly registered with the National Agency for Food Drug and Administration and Control, adding that members in each state of the federation can identify the location of water producers.

ATWAP president, who outlined the consequences of unhealthy water consumption, said, “Government should help us with regulations, empowering us to regulate water industry because we know everybody; we know who is doing it right and those who are not doing it right, but we don’t have the legal power and government supportive power”

“Should they accede to our request as indicated above, I don’t think we would have in the industry what we have today. I have handled court cases for three years with a water producer not approved by NAFDAC. We need government intervention to give necessary support to what we are doing”

The ATWAP boss noted that in the past two decades, the association had championed healthy water consumption in the country.

“Here again, we want to reiterate that water remains the source of life and so, issues concerning water consumption and production, therefore, call for the dose of attention it requires from us the producers and the government if indeed we are ready to promote a healthier society”

ATWAP also pleaded for government intervention in the area of subsidy to cushion the effects of the rising cost of production.

“As it is now, we need government intervention in the sense that subsidy shouldn’t be for the petroleum industry alone. Water is more essential than petroleum when it comes to human life. Therefore, we should recognise, help, and come to our aid” she concluded.

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