Anonymous Sudan claims responsibility for cyberattacks on Kenya

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah

A notorious hacker collective, Anonymous Sudan, has claimed responsibility for a series of devastating Distributed-Denial of Service attacks on vital online services in Kenya.

Government agencies, newspapers, and other institutions have fallen victim to these cyber assaults, causing significant disruptions.

The attacks come in the wake of escalating tensions between Kenya and Sudan, with Kenyan President William Ruto offering peacekeeping support to address Sudan’s ongoing conflict.

In response, General Yasirr al-Atta, representing Sudan, issued a threat to retaliate against any foreign troops deployed in the region.

Amidst this hostile exchange, Anonymous Sudan launched its cyber offensive, causing prolonged downtime for crucial services like eCitizen, a portal used by Kenyan citizens for essential tasks like license and visa renewals.

The group also targeted prominent Kenyan newspaper, The Standard, in a ten-hour attack.

Surprisingly, Anonymous Sudan boasted about the ease with which they executed the attacks and urged Kenya to bolster its cybersecurity defenses.

Information security analysts have speculated about potential links between Anonymous Sudan and a Russian hacker group called Killnet due to their similar operational methods.

This incident, alongside previous attacks on other countries, emphasizes the urgent need for improved cybersecurity measures across Africa.

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