Amazon deploys AI to enhance product review

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Amazon on Monday announced that it will start using generative AI to help customers understand what customers are saying about a product.

The company claims that it will take advantage of the new technology to display a brief paragraph of text directly on the product detail page that will highlight the attributes of the item and the opinions of customers who have left reviews.

According to Amazon, this blob of text might be utilised to more readily gain a general feel of the recurring topics in the reviews.

Amazon will now highlight important product qualities as clickable buttons in addition to the summary text.

The new AI-powered capabilities would initially be made available to a portion of American shoppers using mobile devices for a “broad selection” of goods.

The purpose of these testing will be for the company to learn and improve its AI models’ performance.

However, with AI’s expanding capabilities, it may be harder to detect fraudulent reviews as the technology develops to sound more human, which could cause a new wave of fake reviews.

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