Aleph Express launches online platform for MSMEs

Bisola David
Bisola David
Aleph Express launches online platform for MSMEs

Aleph Group has introduced Aleph Express, a proprietary solution and application designed for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Nigeria.

The Times reported that according to a company statement, Aleph Express offers MSMEs a platform that lets them make and manage a free online store, develop a product catalogue, choose local delivery options, manage, track, and process orders—all while obtaining insightful data that helps spur business expansion.

Additionally, the platform offers a single, integrated inbox that combines Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, allowing businesses to effectively interact and sell from one location.

Aleph Express also offers local payment options and assistance, completing the comprehensive package for Nigeria’s flourishing MSME industry.

Since Aleph Express is a crucial component of its plan to offer localized and useful technology to advertisers and MSMEs alike, the company expressed optimism that this initiative would facilitate the expansion of digital marketing in the nation.

Aleph provides unparalleled local support from its teams on the ground to help its partners overcome obstacles in the market and seize important opportunities. Aleph has been assisting Nigerian advertisers since 2009 under the name Ad Dynamo, its former brand.

“The foundation of the Nigerian economy is MSMEs. We give them the ability to set up virtual storefronts with Aleph Express in order to draw in more clients not just in their neighbourhood but also throughout the nation and the area.

“Our committed local teams assist companies and entrepreneurs who are new to this type of business and strive to onboard 10,000 monthly active merchants by the end of 2023,” the Vice President of SMB at Aleph, Matthieu Laporte, said.

Aleph’s Managing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Stephen Newton, stated, “We are proud that Nigeria has been chosen by Aleph as the first market to launch. The launch of Aleph Express is a premiere.”

“This is a significant development for our product line as well because Aleph Express is designed specifically to help small and medium-sized companies take advantage of social media platforms to propel their expansion.

“I am convinced that we are leading a revolution in this field with our local team standing by and supporting SMBs.”

According to the National Bureau of Statistics , Nigeria is home to over 41 million MSMEs, which have contributed 49% of the country’s GDP over the previous five years.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the wholesale and retail trade sector employs over 17 million people, or 42% of all MSMEs in the nation.

However, traditional, mostly offline channels account for 97% of Nigeria’s retail market.

Aleph Express hopes to capitalize on this by offering them a platform to open an online store, which will allow them to reach millions of potential customers, many of whom are active on social media.

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