Africa leads in Toyota, Lexus sales as firm produces 5.6 million vehicles

Bisola David
Bisola David
Africa leads in Toyota, Lexus sales as firm produces 5.6 million vehicles

Africa is the standout region for Toyota and Lexus sales as the company posted global sales growth of 8.3% from April to September compared to the previous year.

Toyota sold a record-breaking 5,596,183 automobiles, according to Bloomberg. The standout region in this success was Africa, where Toyota and Lexus sales increased by an astonishing 22%, the greatest growth rate among all regions.

The Middle East was close behind, increasing by 17%, while North America increased by 9.4% and Europe increased by 7%.

In contrast, sales in several parts of Asia, excluding Japan, were down, owing in part to economic slowdowns in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia.

This remarkable achievement cements Toyota’s position as the world’s leading carmaker, owing to strong consumer demand and a strengthening supply chain.

In the first half of the fiscal year, Toyota’s global output increased by 10%, reaching a milestone of 5,738,126 units, including its subsidiaries Daihatsu Motor Co. and Hino Motors Ltd. The Japanese manufacturer proudly announced this extraordinary achievement.

Toyota’s success in China, on the other hand, was somewhat muted, with sales increasing by less than 1%. This contrasts with the previous year’s record sales, which were attributed to government stimulus measures and reflect China’s rising customer demand for electric vehicles.

Toyota experienced a 34% increase in sales in Japan, owing mostly to fewer supply chain issues related to semiconductors. Toyota sold an incredible 1,825,965 electric vehicles in six months, representing a 38% increase over the previous year.

The President of Lexus, Takashi Watanabe, spoke at the recent Japan Mobility Show about the country’s limited charging infrastructure, emphasizing ongoing attempts to establish a program for Lexus-specific charging stations.

Toyota’s sales continued to shine in September, with a noteworthy 10.5% increase over the previous year, but output remained relatively flat.

Similarly, Honda Motor Co. announced strong results, with global production increasing by more than 6% in the first half of the fiscal year and sales climbing by an impressive 7.5%, despite headwinds in the European and Chinese markets.

Nissan Motor Co. saw growth as well, with a 2.8% increase in global output and a 5.5% increase in sales. Nonetheless, they ran into problems in the Chinese market, which hurt their total performance.

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