AFDB approves €29 million infrastructural fund for Senegal 

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe
Promoville, Senegal

The African Development Bank approved a total of €29 million for improvements to the road and transport network linking six Senegalese municipalities.

As obtained via the official website of the organization, the loan, which was approved on the 20th of September, 2022, is meant to support the construction of 28 kilometres of urban roads in asphalt, concrete, paving stones and concrete.

Additionally, the funding will be used for public lighting, drainage, and the building or repair of sheds and cabins that can serve as restaurants.

Also, a centre for women’s and youth’s empowerment would be created.

The project is expected to complement earlier project achievements, which include the construction of 46.4 kilometres of asphalt roads, 21.6 kilometres of paved roads, and the rehabilitation of 11.2 kilometres of asphalt roads.

The target areas are Yeumbel Nord (Dakar suburbs), Keur Massar and Guédiawaye (Dakar region), Thiès (West), Kaolack (Centre-West) and Saint-Louis (North-West).

Also, the Senegal Cities Modernization Programme is expected to save money that can be used to pay for the project.

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