Accion MfB, Justrite introduce consumer credit purchases

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Bisola David

Accion Microfinance Bank and Justrite Superstore, an e-commerce company, are collaborating to allow clients to buy goods from the store and pay for them later.

According to The Punch, this was revealed during the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony at the Lagos State office of Accion MfB.

The duo two stated that as only eligible clients would gain from the program, the collaboration would promote creditworthiness among the clientele.

According to the Managing Director of Accion MfB, Taiwo Joda, the project will allow clients to make purchases and make payments later.

He indicated that only creditworthy consumers would be considered for it, but everyone was welcome to apply and benefit from it.

The managing director declared, “Justrite and Accion Microfinance Bank are collaborating now. We will supply the necessary finances so that both Justrite and our consumers can purchase goods from Justrite and make payments later.

“Customers can walk into any Justrite store with the financial ability to do so, and some may choose to pay in a week, a month, or the following day. The program functions similarly to a loan or credit wallet.”

He claimed that given its technological capabilities, it would consider each consumer that was chosen, as well as their financial background, capacity, and willingness to pay, combining all of these factors to determine their trustworthiness.

“Your credit history will show how much should be given,” he continued. “It is going to be for customers who qualify but everybody can apply.”

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