2023: We’re the leaders Nigeria needs, says Peter Obi

Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo
National Economic Summit Group

The presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi stated that Nigeria needs his transformational leadership in 2023 and at this critical time.

This was stated in the concluding session of his dialogue with the National Economic Summit Group which held on Monday.

Am Business reported on Monday that the presidential candidate of Labour Party announced his arrival to Lagos State on Monday, for the National Economic Summit Group Dialogue with Presidential Candidates.

Peter Obi disclosed this in a tweet, “I just arrived at the venue for the NESG Dialogue with Presidential Candidates on the Nigerian Economy in Lagos. -PO ”

During the dialogue, the Presidential Candidate explicitly outlined his tenure’s seven points agenda for the nation.

In his words ” The above 7 key priority areas are highly interlinked, and our plan is to create what can be described as an Associational Nigerian Economy.

“We will start Uniting Nigeria with the formation of a Government of National Unity within a week of being sworn in.

“We will restore Nigeria’s macroeconomic stability through the removal of Oil and other opaque subsidies , Fiscal and monetary policies properly and transparently aligned in line with our vision for a new Nigeria.

“Our creditors will be properly engaged for debt restructuring and possible cancellation/forgiveness.”

Peter Obi said that his tenure would drastically reduce the cost of governance. His regime will also initiate a new budgeting system open to public accountability.

“Program implementation will be utilized and supervised by the office of the President ” he added.

The presidential candidate declared his support for all sectors of the economy particularly agriculture.

He intends to acheive this through strategic investment, policies and partnerships, exploring and optimizing all the state’s comparative advantage in the agricultural sector.

At the close of the dialogue he said, “let me conclude by reiterating that Datti Baba-Ahmed and I represent the transformational leadership Nigeria needs at this critical time of our nationhood. If we are in power, NESG is in power. “

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