10 facts about the Lekki deep seaport

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah

The Lekki deep sea port, a part of the Lagos Project Festival is fully completed and is to be commissioned today in Lagos by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.d).

AMBusiness reports that the port is intended to serve as a major hub for cargo and passenger traffic in West Africa and is expected to create jobs as well as boost economic development in the region.
Here are 10 facts about the Lekki Seaport:

1. It is situated around 65 kilometers to the east of Lagos City in Lekki, Lagos State.

2. It is one of the largest ports in sub-Saharan Africa and the biggest port in Nigeria.

3. The container terminal has a storage yard with more than 15,000 ground slots, a 1,200-meter-long quay, and three berths.

4. It has a tank farm for storing finished goods like petrol and diesel and loading arms. The tank farm and the vessels are connected by pipelines that run down the breakwater.

5. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it will operate continuously throughout the year for streamlined and effective import and export of goods.

6. The sea port will pay out almost $20 billion in wages to its workers.

7. Taxes, royalties, and duties generate an estimated $201 billion for state and federal agencies, and it also has an estimated 158 billion dollar influence on business revenue.

8. The port operations alone will generate over 300,000 jobs, and there will be many more indirect jobs created across the value chain.

9. Its marine infrastructure includes a turning basin that is 600 meters wide, a breakwater that is 9 kilometers long,quays and berthing facilities.

10. The Lekki sea port is West Africa’s deepest seaport.

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