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EU antitrust boss warns Apple, Meta over new fees

EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager cautioned Apple and Meta on Tuesday regarding

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EU delegation to embark on four-day visit to Nigeria

By Alex Omenye   The delegates from the Council of European Union's

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EU probes TikTok over breach of privacy

By Alex Omenye   The European Commission has officially initiated proceedings to

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EU to criminalize AI-generated porn images, deepfakes

The European Council and Parliament have moved to combat certain forms of

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EU invests €3bn, generates 160,000 jobs in Nigeria yearly – Ambassador

The European Union Council is reaffirming its commitment to a strong collaboration

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EU announces new immigration rules for for third-world country nationals

The European Union has modified its immigration laws for country citizens, stating that

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EU moves to eliminate child porn from internet

EU legislators on Wednesday, reached a consensus on draft regulations mandating Alphabet's

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Isreal-Palestine: TikTok boss to meet EU chiefs over misinformation

TikTok announced on Friday that its CEO, Shou Zi Chew, will meet

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EU warns YouTube over Hamas-Israel disinformation

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton has issued a letter to Alphabet CEO Sundar

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EU slams X for spreading misinformation

The European Union has criticised X, formerly Twitter for having the worst

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EU rules threaten Big Tech’s core businesses

Alex Omenye The European Union has singled out 22 "gatekeeper" services run

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EU urges TikTok to adopt new rules

The European Commissioner overseeing the digital market, Thierry Breton, has called upon

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