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Technology to revolutionize advertising trends – Dentsu Nigeria

Dentsu Nigeria's Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Emeka Okeke, has stated that

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AI startup Anthropic launches new chatbot Claude model

Anthropic, a startup backed by Google and Amazon, unveiled a new suite

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Humane partners with South Korea’s SK Telecom for AI pin

AI startup, Humane has unveiled plans for its entry into the international

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Google to relaunch Gemini AI in coming weeks

Google intends to relaunch its AI tool for generating images of people

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Google to pause Gemini AI’s image generation over inaccuracies

Following inaccuracies in some historical depictions generated by its Gemini AI models,

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OpenAI hits $80bn valuation after major deal

Artificial intelligence giant, OpenAI has recently sealed a significant deal with venture

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Microsoft adds new design features to Copilot

Microsoft's AI-powered chatbots and assistants, Copilot, are receiving several upgrades coinciding with

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PayPal launches AI-powered products

PayPal on Thursday, announced the launch of innovative products powered by artificial

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Students sign up for Cousera AI courses every minute – CEO

For its artificial intelligence courses in 2023, the American edutech platform Coursera

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Google removes underused features from AI Assistant

In order to concentrate on "quality and reliability," Google is eliminating 17

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ABB acquires Swiss company to enhance robots

ABB has acquired a company that enhances industrial robot mobility by enabling

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Humane lays off 4% staff before launch of AI pins

Hardware company, Humane, has declared that it would be laying off 10

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